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How To Transfer Borderlands 2 Saves From Xbox To Pc

Players on Xbox will only be able to transfer saves from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and not the other way. Players on PlayStation will be able to transfer saves between all three systems (PS3, PS4 and Vita) without restriction; obviously only saves for Borderlands 2 will be compatible with Vita as The Pre-Sequel is not available on the handheld. A day-one patch for The Handsome Collection will need to be downloaded and installed on both PS4 and Xbox One in order to transfer saves.

How to transfer Borderlands 2 saves from xbox to pc


Borderlands The Handsome Collection is soon to arrives on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so Gearbox felt it was time to let us know how transferring game saves from previous gen consoles will work. Let's carry all that hard work we've put into our characters and get back into the swing of things over on current gen!

Containing both Borderlands 2 and the more recent Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, as well as all DLC's included for each title, The Handsome Collection is the shaping up to be one the best Borderlands experiences to date. Players who owned either the PlayStation 3 and/or Xbox 360 versions of the game will also be given the opportunity to transfer their game saves over, and here's how!

For starters, players must first be aware that game saves CANNOT be transferred between different console families, only by console generations. This is similar to that of Minecraft, where only PS3 saves can be transferred to PS4's and vice versa. By transferring our game saves into the cloud, we'll be able to pick up right where we left off by downloading them back into our new Xbox One or PS4 versions.

Starting in just a few days, the save transfer feature will become available to players on their previous console versions. We ask that you carefully follow these four steps in storing game saves in the cloud, as to not lose any long lasting character progression. Note also that players should transfer only one character save at first, upload it in their Handsome Collection version, and then try another transfer (repeat the process as many times as necessary):

If you're encountering the same problem, relax, here you will find the effective solution by transferring data from Xbox 360 to Xbox One with the cloud. What's more, powerful application migration software, named EaseUS Todo PCTrans is highly recommended to help you move programs, files, as well as account settings from one PC to another in one click.

All Xbox 360 saved games stored in the cloud can be moved to Xbox One automatically. So, to transfer data from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, you just need to simply save them in the cloud to use on your new system.

Microsoft provides 2GB of online storage for 360 users, which should be enough to store most of the game saved, but you'll need to be a member of Xbox Live Gold ($60 per year) to take advantage of the feature. And if you want to transfer data from Xbox 360 to Xbox One via Cloud, you have to make sure that you have an active Xbox Live profile for this to work.

In addition to the Xbox data transfer, you may often face the PC data transfer issue when replacing a new one, such as move data between computers or transfer files from PC to Xbox One. It's not just game data on PC that needs to be transferred, other computer applications, like Microsoft Office, Adobe utilities, Outlook, and more also need to be well migrated when you change from old PC to new one, or when you are likely to share data with others. Read on and learn to transfer programs from one PC to another.

Once you are on the menu mentioned above, choose the storage device that most of your saves are on. Xbox 360 models typically have 8 to 256 Gigabytes of storage internally but also support expandable storage. Check whatever storage you have on your system and find the game saves, and click on whichever backward compatible Xbox 360 game you're looking to retrieve save files from.

If your save transfer worked, you should be able to access these games right from where your saved left off and finish them while experiencing the enhancements that playing it on Xbox Series X or S instead of an Xbox 360 brings.

How can I transfer all saved content from PC to PS4? Cross-Save is an option that allows you to save games between the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibb Gibbed is regarded as one of the most trustworthy saves editor for This tool enables you to edit files stored on your PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 4. When you play Gibbed save editor mods, you will quickly discover which ones are the most straightforward to understand. The most effective ways to highlight the importance of class, experience, and points of view are through pictures. It is possible to evolve your character with class while keeping the same aspects, but I would prefer to keep it as it is. The quick travel tab contains a number of sections, the most recent of which is the most recently visited teleporter.

There is no official way to convert PS4 saves to PC, and it is unlikely that there will ever be one. However, there are a few workarounds that may allow you to transfer your save data. One method is to back up your PS4 save data to a USB drive, then copy it to your PC. Another is to use a PS4 save data editor to modify your save data so that it can be used on a PC.

Yes! Your save data can be transferred between the Steam and Epic PC platforms, but you will have to move your save files manually. By doing so, you run the risk of potentially losing your save files, so we strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of your save games before attempting any manual transfer of saves. We'll have detailed instructions on how to transfer your Tiny Tina's Wonderlands PC save file on in time for the Steam release.

Have a look at this link -reviews/console-guides/xbox-one-guides/13584-copy-extract-content-xbox-one-usb-formatted-drive-windows-pc.html shows how to convert storage to a pc format and then back again. Unfortunately i have no idea what to do when you can access the files and no way of recognising which files are borderlands

if you mod infinite ammo for a character in borderlands 2 on the 360 and then upload then download that character to the xbox one, you will have 0/0 ammo and will not be able to pick up or buy ammo to refill your ammo. it will just go back to zero. but lets say items you add to inventory will carry over.

my question I have is, is there a way to mod your badass rank, the actually rank number, not the tokens or the bonus stats. As I already know that the bonus stats do not carry over. But that whenever I transferred my character that had a 72k BAR over to the Xone, it updated my xone bar to 72k and I was givin I guess the appropriate amount of tokens. So is there a way to mod the BAR to up my BAR for the xone and get more tokens? As also tokens do not carry over from saves.

I am wondering the same thing. Sadly however, i switched from ps3 to xbox one. I have a modded ps3 save but i cant transfer it to the xbox one. I already have the modded programming but i just need to move my save onto the USB, which seems simple if you know what youre doing but i have trouble actually doing it. someone please help???Mr Zebrabutt

A: Tiny Tina's Wonderlands allows you to transfer a save file from PlayStation4 to PlayStation5; once transferred, this process cannot be reversed and the save file will no longer be accessible on PlayStation4.

A: No, the same Trophies and Achievements exist on both current and new-gen consoles. Your Trophies/Achievements from current-gen will transfer to new-gen platforms within the same console family.

Knowing how to transfer saves to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from Xbox One and Xbox 360 will help players pick up from where they left off on the games from previous generations. Fortunately, transferring an Xbox One game save to Xbox Series X and S is a straightforward process. It should be simple, too, to transfer saves from Xbox 360 to Xbox Series X.

To transfer save files from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X and S, players will need to make sure that the wanted save files are stored in the Xbox cloud. Thankfully, this is done automatically on the Xbox One.

To transfer Xbox 360 game saves directly to the Xbox Series X and S, players need to boot up their 360. Unfortunately, to access cloud saves on the 360, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required. If it is an Xbox 360 game that has been played on the Xbox One, however, simply follow the steps outlined above.

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To transfer your save files, enter the saves folder, and copy all the save files you wish to transfer (they should be listed by (Save # - Character Name, Location). With the files copied, enter the Special Edition save folder and paste them in, then close the folders and launch the game. 350c69d7ab


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